Encore Electives

  • Music ElectivesMusic Electives
    General Music -
    Chorus - Students have the opportunity to learn proper vocal technique and perform a wide array of music.  Performances may include seasonal concerts and school and community events.

    Band - This course offers beginning students as well as experienced students the opportunity to play an instrument and be able to rehearse and perform in a group. (Instrument rental may be required)
  • Art ElectivesArt Electives
    Art - All students will be leaning how to create art in a fun and creative setting. ALL students can create art regardless of whether or not they have a natural artistic ability.   All students will be creating a website which they will use as a virtual art portfolio that will follow them throughout their years at Goff.

    6th graders will be exploring all different typed of artistic medium and learn exciting ways on how to create art.  6th grade students will learn about different artists, cultures and start building an understanding of what makes something a good work of art all while developing strong artistic skills.

    7th and 8th grade art students will further develop their artistic skills, style and knowledge in a creative environment.  Students will learn different artistic techniques and will be encouraged to start to develop their own artistic style.  Art lessons will be focused on the elements and principles of art while creating wonderful works of art in various art mediums.
  • P.E. ElectivesP.E. Electives
    Physical Education/Health -
  • Media ElectivesMedia Electives
    Technology 1 - Students will explore basic computer programs needed to be a successful student.

    21st Century Technology- Students will use the SmartLab to engage in hands-on exploration of technology and digital media arts.


    Library - Students focus on research skills and information literacy including finding and evaluating sources, source citation, plagiarism, and bias. We use various types of tools to share our learning including Prezi, Canva, and Google Docs and Slides. 

    Library Web/Information Site

  • Drama ElectivesDrama Electives
    Drama & Society:  Exploring Scocial Issues Through Drama and Public Speaking - This course is designed to inspire the student who wishes to develop a love and appreciation of the theatre. Classes are structured to provide the student a basis in theatre skills, to offer a creative outlet, and to produce well-rounded performers. The students will discuss social issues that they deal with such as bullying, peer pressure, social media and diversity through drama and public speaking
  • World Language ElectiveWorld Language Elective
    Spanish- Students are introduced to the Spanish Language.  Emphasis will be placed on listening and oral practice of the Spanish Language, while developing reading and writing skills.

    Chinese - Students are introduced to Chinese Language and culture.