Goff Middle School has three administrators.

  The principal is Mrs. Kim McCaughey.

 The assistant principals are Ms. Cynthia Voss and Mrs. Liana Maris. 


Mrs. Kim McCaughey comes to you with close to 30 years of experience in the field of education. She has been both an educator and administrator with the Pawtucket School Department since 2002. Most recently, since 2011, she has been an administrator at Baldwin and Cunningham. From 2002 – 2011, she was a reading specialist/consultant, Literacy Coach, and District Literacy Coordinator in Pawtucket. Prior to that, from 1993- 2002, she worked as a teacher in an alternative school setting. Mrs. McCaughey is so thankful to have the opportunity to bring all that she has experienced and learned with me to the Goff Community! 

Contact Mrs. McCaughey: [email protected]

Ms. Cynthia Voss  has been an educator in the Pawtucket School Department for the past 20 years.  For the first few years she taught English at Jenks Junior High School.  For a short time she worked as  the At Risk Coordinator in Warwick to identify at risk students and create a program to help them succeed in the classroom so they would eventually graduate high school.  She came back to Pawtucket to serve as the assistant principal at Shea High for the past 12 years.  She is very excited to be back working in the middle school and especially working with the students and families at GOFF MIDDLE SCHOOL!

Contact Ms. Voss: [email protected]

Mrs. Liana Maris began her teaching career with recently immigrated English Language Learners in Bronx, NY.  Mrs. Maris developed a passion for school administration and restorative practices together as she helped found a new international school and promote restorative approaches to school discipline within New York City public schools before moving to Rhode Island.  She is thrilled to bring her enthusiasm to the Pawtucket School Department and is ready to do all that it takes to support the social and academic growth of Goff's incredible school community.

Contact Mrs. Maris: [email protected]